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Thread: TPM MTT Droid Fighter

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    No, the pilot droid has less articulation.

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    Not sure if I'll pick this up or not.
    How do we not have an Arc Trooper Fives in the 3 & 3/4 in. line yet?

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    This reminds me of all the TF spin off fighters/bombers created for the Galactic Battlegrounds PC game, so I guess Hasbro did well in putting out that Trade Federation vibe. I'm mostly picking this up for the battle droid to put in my MTT. The fighter will be loaded into the carrier too and never seen again lol, but the Obi-Wan? Straight into the bin methinks...
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    I will try to pick the droid.
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    Looks awesome, cant wait! My MTT is waiting for this...
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    With an MTT in hand for the boy I can safely bet we will be picking this up as soon as we see it.
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    I hope these things become the STAPS/Darth Maul speeders of this year- Rediculously easy to find, and thrown on offers throughout the year. I'd love to buy a few of these just for the pilots. Since I've only got one MTT, once that's loaded with a ship or 'engine' as I'll be using it as inside it, the others can be wreckage in my diorama.
    In my book, experience outranks everything.

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    Saw this in the store tonight. I passed on it for now. I only wanted to buy the Yoda Jedi Attack Cruiser and the 501st deco Republic Attack Dropship for now.

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