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Thread: Sandtrooper - Movie Heroes

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    Sandtrooper - Movie Heroes

    Looks like we'll be seeing a Sandtrooper with a huge light up rifle in the first wave of 2013, picture is up here.

    Thoughts on this figure?

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    Silliest looking sandtrooper in the line, also the silliest idea to release two sandtroopers at the same time.

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    What's with the 'tarded looking gun in the slideshow?

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    The light up features are cool but a sandtrooper is such a bad I idea I think.
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    Imperial Gardener Trooper with leaf blower.

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    I think it looks cool with that jumbo sized grenade launcher blaster rifle and its electronic. Pew pew.

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    Yet another sandie, really? a biker scout or a regular stormie, would've been better, huge pass
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    Quote Originally Posted by AaylaSecurasMan View Post
    Yet another sandie, really? a biker scout or a regular stormie, would've been better, huge pass
    I agree completely. Since when do we need more Sandtroopers? The first VC Sandtrooper pegwarmed for over a year and now they are releasing 3 different new sandtroopers all in a row (2nd VC, BAD, and now this). What the heck are they thinking. I bet we've gotten more sandtrooper releases than basic stormtroopers at this point even though they are only in a few shots from one movie. Some bigwig at Hasbro must have a fetish for these guys.
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    Another CLEAN Sandtrooper. They will never learn. . Sandtrooper means SAND is involved in some way. And the sparking white pauldron version to boot.
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    This one has a light up gun, so we all must have it!

    Hey, that's why I'm getting it, and I also want him to try to suck up my spirit Anakin. XD

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