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Thread: Republic Fighter Tank

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    Republic Fighter Tank

    Looks like we'll be seeing a Republic Fighter Tank in the new Movie Heroes style packaging in 2013, picture up here.

    Who's picking this one up?

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    I might. I've always wanted one, and this one allows me to have one without it taking up so much room. I just hope it can still fit 2 guys. XD

    The new packaging kicks this year's' *****. I hate the white and blue style of the packaging. Maul on it makes it look ugly, especially with the bad picture of him on it. Yoda looks a lot better with the green, and the white mixed with it looks awesome!
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    Pass, already have the previous version.
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    Cheap looking on the bottom, hollow areas, no wheels underneath.

    Might work as a scout version of the real deal...but the clone have scout vehicles galore.

    Pass. No idea why they made a non-movie vehicle they'd already done into something smaller.

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    As if it wasn't bad enough that there are multiple versions of this vehicle in the larger scale already!
    Awful. Just awful.
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    Not interested in a smaller and subpar version of a vehicle I already have.

    Also, with all the reeditions of this vehicle floating around, how come we've never seen an imperial version? That's the only one I'd buy.
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    It does fit two figures, both inside.

    It's actually not a lot smaller than the current version.

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    This is cool for anyone that wants to build an armor squad and doesn't have a lot of space. The original only had space for 3 figures, so having space for 2 is pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trandoshanhunter View Post
    Pass, already have the previous version.
    Pass me too and I don't want to have a smaller version of it.
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