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Thread: Obi-Wan's AOTC Jedi Starfighter

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    The new Jedi Starfighter sculpt actually looked very crisp. However, Hasbro decided to leave out sculpting the rear landing gear once again, which is simply inexcusable to me. They could have also given this ship opening rear spare parts compartments and a pop-up radar dish transmitter. You know... for extra play value?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishing_Well View Post
    With these smaller vehicles, what if Hasbro decides to make the figures smalller?
    They already did.
    They're called "Fighter Pods."

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    Man, these new vehicles look like ...... TOYS !!!!

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    Does this one is smaller than the one from 2002 AOTC ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainRex2a View Post
    Does this one is smaller than the one from 2002 AOTC ?
    Yeah. Much smaller.
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    I saw this on clearance at Target yesterday. Was thinking about getting it. I can't seem to find any images online that compare it to the original Starfighter. Does anyone know of any, or if you have both, could you post a picture for reference?

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    I truly wish that some creative third party customizer would create a proper-sized R4 head for this ship. It's not a terrible little ship (well, at clearance for $14 anyway), but the teeny-tiny droid head just kills it for me.

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    Got one for $5 at marshall's to go with the boy's xmas mtt fighter droid set. He got the MTT last year and still plays with it all the time. THis will be a cool little addition even though he's got the CW version (beat to hell).
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