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Thread: Euroherbal 's Feedback

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    Lightbulb Euroherbal 's Feedback

    Dear fellow scummer,

    I'd be grateful if you'd take your time to write a line or two describing how was or how you felt about our transaction.

    You are very welcome!


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    Glad to make Rick's first RS trade possible. Communication was great, and he was very gracious. I would definitely do business with him again.

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    A trust wordy ner vod! His word is law! Honest to the smallest point.....
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    Just had an excellent transaction with Rick. Communication was top notch and payment was super fast! Thanks!
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    Sorry for the delay, Rick bought an R2 off me and was a pleasure to deal with. Recommended scummer!!
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    Always a great pleasure to deal with Ricardo! Great communication, quick payment, and all around great scummer!

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