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Thread: Lego at Star Wars CVI

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    Lego at Star Wars CVI

    I did some searching and it has not yielded much!

    I was hoping someone would have some good info on what to expect from the Lego booth at Star Wars Celebration VI at the end of this month in Orlando FL. I went to CV and got the bounty hunters set and am hoping they do something great like that again.

    I didn't see anything in the CVI forum section either.

    I am going to be there all 4 days so I hope to at least land a few cool exclusives.

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    I'll be there too and I'm a little disappointed we haven't heard anything from them. But then again, that seems to be par for the course for this celebration. Everything is pretty blah so far, hope there are lots of cool news/things to come. It'll be hard to live up to the awesome CV though.
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    I'm pretty sure they were mum on the SDCC announcements until a day or two before the convention started. Even then, you don't find out all the details until you are at the show. That seems to be the way LEGO operates.

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    True, LEGO is usually pretty secretive about their Celebration plans until just before the event. I'm sure we can expect some sort of exclusive, though, and maybe even a minifigure giveaway similar to the white Boba Fett at C5.

    If anyone is able to help me out with the C6 Lego exclusives and giveaways, I'd be willing to compensate you accordingly. I've only ever missed one Celebration before, so I'm pretty bummed about not making it this year.
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    They're pretty secretive about this stuff, and they do a really good job as no one knew about the tin at SDCC til the day off.

    Speaking of, I'd be willing to trade a tin or two for a set or two of the CVI Lego exclusive.

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    Hoping we see shirtless Maul polybag at CVI like we saw white Boba at CV.

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    yea im really hoping LEGO will have something cool for us at CVI

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    Could they be revealing new sets there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxWedge View Post
    Hoping we see shirtless Maul polybag at CVI like we saw white Boba at CV.

    From what I heard at SDCC, it will be something different than what was in San different, I don't know. You could still see the Maul with something else too.

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    I am among the many who would be willing to relieve some attendees of their extra exclusives!

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