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Thread: Sizzzler Feedback Thread

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    Sizzzler Feedback Thread

    Hi everybody, I am Sizzzler with three 'Z's. People often mistakenly refer to me with two 'Z's but then those posts won't come up in a search for me.
    My Star Wars collection is pretty much complete for the forseeable future, but there may be the occasional item that I'm interested in buying/trading for. In other words, I'm not going to be a power dealer with tons of trades/purchases, just someone looking for a piece or two here and there.
    I may have a few items for sale too, even off brand toys which I think are allowed. I'm still trying to understand the rules and the way things operate here. Looking forward to positive deals with respectful fellow members.
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    Just finished my first transaction with Sizzzler and evengot to meet him in person, as we live in the same proximity and I was able tohand-deliver my item. I must say Sizzzler and I had a great transaction, PM andin-person conversation. He responded with great questions and comments in hisPM's prior to the sale and demonstrated great insight about the SW universe ingeneral. As a new Rebel Scum member, I hope you afford him a warm welcome tothis community -one to which I have been a part of for quite some time and havemany positive experiences. Please do not hesitate to buy, trade, or sell toSizzzler as he is a great guy and has earned my highest 5-smile rating for agreat transaction and all-around positive impression:

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    Great transaction. Enjoy the parts
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    GREAT person to deal with. Excellent communication. Was a real pleasure!!! Thanks

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    Great person to deal with, highly recommended. Thank you again for your purchase and Enjoy!!!

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