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Thread: Flaro21 - Feedback Thread

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    Flaro21 - Feedback Thread

    I just completed a straight loose figures swap with Gerry and everything went very smooth, figures was as described and delivery was fast.
    I would deal again anytime, thanks gerry


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    Brought a vintage figure from Gerry and
    So pleased! Very fast delivery aswell!!
    Spot on and all round top bloke!


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    Just made a purchase from Gerry and it was perfect. Very responsive and fast shipping. Hope to deal with again. Highly recommended.

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    Bought three parts from Gerry. Good price. Quick shipment. Very accommodating and communicative. And, finally, after 20 years ... my X-Wing is again complete ... and a TIE I have is that much closer to.


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    Got a couple figs from Gerry. Everything was as described and arrived super quick. Thanks again,

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    Bought a complete Luke figure and an original Ben's saber from Garry.
    Gotta agree with jcoffman99, the items arrived super quickly.
    Thanks Gerry.
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    Dealt with Gerry once again and everything went fine and dandy - thanks again

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    Had a smooth transaction with Gerry. Figures were as described and arrived well packed. Great communication. Thanks!
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    Just made a pretty large purchase from Gerry. I got the items super fast and everything was packed very well. Great to deal with.

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    Thanks DUDE...bought a 21 back Boba Fett MOC for like $12 bucks...AWESOME DEAL!!!!!

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