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Thread: Captain Rex - #09

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    Got one for my kid, and the head does look too small next to other clones. The CW phase 2 is a lot better, so I may try and modify that. Another option may be in the Rebels Rex which appears to have a separate helmet.

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    To fit CW Rex helmet, slice off ball joint, glue onto TBS neck joint, use CW pauldron, same motion, better Rex!

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    TBS head with pauldron looks better on CW Rex, no motion tho, glued on!

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    Just recently got TBS Captain Rex. Good figure, with a nice sculpt. Surprised myself by picking this up, since I'm typically not into clones.

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    I made this today:

    Im going to paint on the weld lines for the torso and repaint the hair on the clone pilot head I have from this kit bash. No removable helmet but I think it looks great and has better articulation now. Swapping the helmet for a head isn't a bad trade off.

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    Late to the game, but I finally got this figure via tunghori. Very impressed, and I don't really see why so many people hate this figure. Is it perfect? No, but what mass produced 3.75" figure is?

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