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    spoke too soon..i have another version of her, but she has those aweful SWIVEL elbows. I guess I should have said that I have no better version of her.; Star Wars Toy News Archive
    this one is the one i have.

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    oh boy, i can already tell that removable head dress is going to get on my nerves! i wonder if i can swap their heads?
    Her dress is also too tight on her legs, unlike the older one.
    She needs ball-joint thighs so she can get it more JEDI like poses. T-Crotches are not acceptable for Jedi.

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    Ha, ha. Question is, did a worker at Hasbro's factory voluntarily did this or as it been returned by a playful collector?

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    I know this is old news to many, but I just recently opened up this excellent 3.75" Luminara Unduli TBS figure (I actually recently opened all of my carded 2013-2014 TBS 3.75" figures, to save room). This is a nicely detailed figure, with great articulation. I like the cloth robe(s), the intricate detail in the gray frontispiece - and the removable headpiece, which reveals her gray hairdo in a bun. You just can't appreciate - or even see - these kinds of details when the figure is packaged.

    However, the figure is not without problems. The headpiece doesn't stay on well, and the figure also needs to be adjusted in order to stand.

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    I definitely feel this was a great figure, and glad it was made. Vast improvement over AOTC releases in both her and Barris Offee. But agree that there were a few flaws. When the older figure came out, i always wanted the headpiece to be removable for some reason. Might have been due to reading a book with them Obi-Wan and Anakin on mission where they had to remove outer clothing. Or I just don't like sculpted head wear. lol
    Then when it was, it was just annoying always popping off. And of course the barely standing issue plagued many figures, while others were just fine. I sometimes think they should have used a computer to find the center of the figure, so that they would have better balance.

    I'm accepting of a few minor flaws to simply have these updates in my collection, over the old pre-posed statues of AOTC. So i'm glad they got to several characters before the end.
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    I completely forgot about this figure. A great candidate for the VTC treatment.

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