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Thread: The Black Series 3.75" Line (2013) - General Discussion Thread

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    The Black Series 3.75" Line (2013) - General Discussion Thread

    While details have still yet to pop up we know Hasbro has plans to bring the build a droits part to retail with figures once again. Is everyone happy that the Droid parts will be back or just more frustration trying to complete sets?

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    I'm really happy about this. If they stay with mixed waves and decent carry forwards, then it should be easier to complete these droids.

    I hope we see a C-3PO BAD because that's the best protocol droid sculpt out there.
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    I'm going to say that this is going to be frustrating again. When did we have to have all this glitz and glam to figures? Why can't figures just be figures without a gimick?

    Frustrating again. As if these figures weren't hard enough to find, now they add a BAD series to figures that are non existant. Ugh...
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    This is going to be a massive pain in the behind for OT only collectors.....
    Having said that, it would be great if they can deliver some onscreen droids that may not otherwise come out.
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    I'm not hugely into astromechs, so I'd hope they incorporated some new designs here and there to keep the idea fresh. The same astromech pieces repainted or on different colored plastic over and over just isn't enough to interest me at this point. Maybe phase I darktrooper pieces packed in somewhere? The waitress droid from Dex's diner in AotC? A different colored power droid? These would be good filler beyond just astro droids, etc.
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    -I don't think the power droid would work, but they do need to do more than just astromechs. I wonder if this line will include that red Federation droid that was canceled from Legacy.

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    My son will love this. I'll probably give all of my parts to him so he can do the building. Having said that, if a droid were to be released that I really wanted, I would try to gather all the parts.

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    Build a Droid was the best pack in ever, especially when they got into some more obscure onscreen droids.
    It did mean however that I wound up buying repeats of old figures just to complete a set (very clever Hasbro). Hopefully if they reintroduce it the case assortments improve.
    Or at least make specific parts set to specific characters rather than running changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choi View Post
    I wonder if this line will include that red Federation droid that was canceled from Legacy.
    I REALLY want this one!
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    Also, maybe this means they'll make the Betty Bot (but probably not).

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