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Thread: Boba Fett - Movie Heroes

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    I don't know whether I'm in the minority here or not, but I actually like this figure, seeing that it appears to be decently articulated; unlike some of the previous MH stuff we've seen so far with the likes of the non light-up Vader, the Wave 1 Maul and the ancient Grievous & Yoda. Also since there is some customizing potential for this figure.

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    I'm in the minority with you! We'll call ourselves "Team Minority"!! I agree it's like a throw-back to the 12" Kenner Boba Fett. Hoping that the backpack fits just like the VOTC backpack did.


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    Since it doesn't appear to have a removable helmet, maybe I'll pick up one or two to customize some Mandalorians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revanfan1 View Post
    Since it doesn't appear to have a removable helmet, maybe I'll pick up one or two to customize some Mandalorians.
    Yeah it looks like it is simply the ROTJ VOTC Boba Fett with a different backpack. Seeing as how I don't have a ROTJ VOTC Boba Fett anymore, I'll be looking forward to this figure.


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    Quote Originally Posted by urbnns69 View Post
    Yay! Another complete waste of peg space at retail.

    Keep it up, Hasbro. You're killing the Star Wars market just a little bit more every year.
    Well, ok you're right, but it's better than another Battle Droid, right?
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    These are only available overseas. I'm not paying $80 for a repack with "new features". With the newly announced Wave 1 2013 Assortment they added the Sandtrooper, Anakin Light up and Battle Droid (this time in maroon) but not Boba. UGH. Does anyone know if this will be added in later 2013 waves?

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    Dang, I wouldn't mind finding a Boba Fett!

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    I'm surprised its being sold on the blue card still, dispite all the others being in the 2013 Green yoda wave.

    I did find the 'Wave 3' Hasbro were talking about at toyfair, with Light up Vader and Harpoon Luke. This was in Bristol UK last month.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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