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Thread: Official EBay bidders that win and don't pay list!!!

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    betty francois
    3 Washington ct
    Stamford CT

    fran7778_nupyw US!
    My Feedback
    Looking for a Vlix loose or carded. Also looking for 12 backs. Please PM

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    Non-paying bidder that has not responded to messages. Filed NPB with ebay.


    Stephen Day
    Seguin, TX
    TRDNiteLife's Feedback -

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    Bad luck on last month selling.2 non-paying bidders,2 transactions cancelled!!!

    skater-girl from Russian Federation

    waart_2015 from Netherlands

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    This is a great thread. Everyone should cut and paste these names and block them from bidding on your Auctions.

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    Feb 2011
    Santa Barbara, Ca

    non paying bidder


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    I just sold an Anakin Potf coin for $370 to "clarwe7". Immediately after winning it, asked for a cancellation and he states that he can't pay for it with this eBay account, but he can with a different account ....the other account has zero feedback and is named "weclar0". Just really feels like he's trying to scam me. His first account has some dodgy feedback, along the same lines. Anyway, I haven't sold it to him and the coin has been relisted

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