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Thread: Recent Star Wars Acquisitions (Non-Through-The-Mail)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troopeur72 View Post
    thank to my girfriend

    Excellent! Where did you find those beauties?

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    Met Dan Fogler last weekend at MegaCon and had him sign...
    Awesome guy!

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    Attended Niagara Falls Comic Con today. Met Billy Dee Williams. Kind but it was looking like he was tired. I brought the picture with me. Only RoS table merchandise was a 11x17 of the title on a star field background. Good for a multi sig project.

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    ESB poster from the Harrison Ford send-in a few months ago:

    Very happy with how it turned out. I probably could’ve given him more room if I got him to sign at the bottom, but I always wanted his signature to be close to Carrie’s.

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    Incredible, impressive addition to your collection. One of my favorite ESB 1-sheets.
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