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Thread: Vedain: skiff guard driver SA

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    Vedain: skiff guard driver SA

    I did find serveral pic of him; look to have a small flap
    in front. I sulpt his torso in firm grey as well as his belt.
    Then I cast both pieces. As you can tell there a lot of air bubbles, next up putting the molds in pressure pot. Once all the pieces work together. Then time to paint
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    You sir are very talented
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    Looks great!!! Can I commission one from you?
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    Beautiful work, Stan!
    I'm not old, I'm just highly detailed.

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    Vedain is done, SA, as far as commission , sorry don’t have time. Thank you though. Working on taym Garen next.
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    nice work stan can you please show another picture of laudica, the woman in red in the last photo? I saw one similar to it on pintrest, couldn't find any info about. Please share any info,what headsculpt is it from?
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    Amazing job Stan! You must be close to having all the skiff guards, cantina aliens and palace denizens now.
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    Star Wars, she not quite done as yet, I will post pic of when she is done Darth Brett, I think about 44 more figures to do , so I got a little ways before I done. Thank you compliment everyone. Taym is next
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    is there a place to get the headsculpt of Laudica?
    Hasbro please make a Super articulated Nabrun Leids!

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    Another goon crossed off the list. Great work as usual, Stan -- Looking forward to what comes next!

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