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Thread: The huge lot - my Custom Head & Helmet sculpts - All of them

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    Impressive work. Extra certified-geek points for throwing Mungo Baobab in there!

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    yikes! $9000.00????

    Well, good luck, I know you feel thats what the effort is worth and you might be right but wow, good luck trying to find a collector here able or willing to pay that.

    I hope you're able to sell them and that person finds a way to mass produce them and sell them to the community at a more affordable-for-the-common-collector price.

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    Hi all just wish to say what great fab cool amazing work on these heads I would like a couple if they were on sale.bilbofett uk

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    Amazing stuff... wish I was a wealthy man.

    I'm not, so all I can do is enjoy the pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHEWIE View Post
    Amazing stuff... wish I was a wealthy man.

    I'm not, so all I can do is enjoy the pics.

    Same here.

    These are simply unreal, I hope that whoever takes this offer does get these mass produced so we can all enjoy these sculpts. Shame on hasbro for not taking them.

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    How do you DO this? Is there magic involved??

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    I would love the fett/vader/stormie. Simply awesome. Hopefully whoever manages to land these allows for others to snag them somehow as well.

    Fantastic work.

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    Thanks for that elaborate explanation Evergrey! Certainly understand it better now. Iīm quite sure we donīt have a true grasp of how much work goes into these, though we do appreciate it! I think had I been ridiculously rich I would have actually bought these as I am quite sure Hasbro will never get to this level, especially regarding human likeness.

    Hope somebody pays you good money for these, and keep it up!

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    The most logical thing would be for a company like slayers, which I guess is no more or at least on hiatus, to pick them up to build molds and mass produce on a customs scale. I don't know molding and I am not sure I understand the demand for these heads. At $9,000 you want to make money off every head. What is the ROI? This quality I could see charging 8 to 10 dollars US. But Evazan, for example, is a head that was long over due to be produced. Now Hasbro has one and a great body to boot.

    It looks like Hasbro looked at Stephen Hayford's customs and said, "oh yeah. that is what Evazan looks like." How would one sell Evergrey's head with the figure sort of available?

    Chewie or anyone here--how many people would really buy these heads? They are beautiful works of art. Everyone like them. But who really is willing to pay. How many units could be sold? I am thinking about this more than I should.

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    these are cool but asking 9000 is ridiculous. no offense but each head isnt worth 250 bucks. people sell whole custom figures on ebay with some sculpting for less than a quarter of that.

    by the way hasbro holds the license for these characters so if someone reproduces them in bulk and sells a bunch get ready for a lawsuit. i'd say apply to hasbro for a job. keep it legal.
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