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Thread: The Saga Collection General Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    All I have is a red Amidala and a Blue Sidious. Let me know if you want either. If not, no big deal.
    I will pass on those. Its a bit funny because my plan is to have a red Sidious as the King for one side and Amidala in blue as the king on the other side. Thanks though!

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    Just back from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Got some great stuff! One guy had hundreds of figures he was selling loose and I was able to put together the 2006 Saga Death Star Briefing set for 40 bucks. Not bad loose! Upon further inspection when I got home, I noticed that someone had taken an exacto knife to Moff Tarkin's rank insignia on his chest. It's been cut right off So that kinda ticked me off, but I found a replacement Tarkin on ebay for 13 bucks total. Still, the DSB set loos for 53 bucks ain't bad I guess, considering I was seeing it boxed up for 80 in several of the booths there.

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    Just got a SAGA Bib Fortuna and Chief Chirpa. Now I have a Hammerhead and Long Snoot on the way.

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    I have a Han in Hoth gear and Leia in combat poncho. Are they actually worth anything?

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    Hi, don't mean to steal the the thread but is the 2006/ 1984 imperial shuttle a saga vehicle? I recently was came across a large collection of lose toys and I've had a hard time with this one because its dated 1984 with a serial number. It is weathered which leads me to believe its the 06 one. trying to find out because Im going to sell the ship, My wife is not to happy my "our" garage is full of star wars toys?[IMG][/IMG]

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    Looks like the '02 one Photo Archive
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    yes! thank you. the labeling was throwing me off. now is there a way to calibrate the wing? or wrong thread for that Q?

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    Which Star Case will fit "The Saga Collection Boba Fett #06"
    Thank you in advance

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    Got Momaw Nadon today from Amazon. He's got a great sculpt.

    I can't wait for them to update him into the TVC though.

    I plan to heat up his left arm to bend it closer to his body.

    And I'm looking up tutorials on adding articulation. I think I have two Revoltech joints that can give him articulated knees if done right. :{D
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