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Thread: Revenge Of The Sith General Discussion Thread

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    I remember going out to walmart for the midnight release of these figures. I worked all spring break with my dad to save up for these and there was just so much stuff. So what I did was buy a few clones, Anakin, Vader and the Revenge of the Sith novel and visual dictionary that night. And I placed a lot in layaway and got it out a month later with birthday money.

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    As I can see no one has posted here in awhile and I dont really post opinions. I feel its safe for me for my benefit to post this for myself, if no other reason. I think the Rots At Rt Driver with removable chest armor is the coolest, awesomest, most bestest figure out of all figures ever created. I have many, will never have enough. LOL
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    Was this the only wave that the Crab droid came in?

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    I have an unopened Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from ROTS. Any idea how much that could be worth?

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    Hi guys, going through my stuff I found a clone trooper - error with the destroyer droid label. Has anyone ever seen this? Just thinking about selling it, so was looking for a pricing estimate.

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    Printing errors can sometimes go for a bit more, your best bet is to search completed listings on eBay.
    Most modern hasbro stuff isn't worth any more than the initial amount you paid for it I'm afraid.

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    picked up a ZETT JUKASSA for cheap for some custom work
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    So I've been sorting through (and selling off) the entirety of my clone collection. But I have come across a couple figures I can't quite identify.

    I have two yellow clone commander figures which appear identical to the 327th Star Corps figures (aka repainted Clone Evolutions commander), except they don't have removable helmets and clone heads underneath.

    Can anyone give me a proper ID on this figure?

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