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Thread: Feedback for jedimasterc

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    Feedback for jedimasterc

    I'm glad to be the one to start a feedback thread for such an awesome scummer. jedimasterc is one of the nicest people I have met on Rebelscum. Buy/sell/trade with confidence.

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    Second the above. Sold me some hard to find figures for cost and shipping. Real nice guy to work with to boot. Thanks again man!

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    Complete a purchase from him, no worries from him. Highly recommended.

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    Just completed a 1-for-1 trade with jedimasterc. Great to deal with in both sending and receiving. Thanks!

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    Just completed another trade, 2-for-2 this time. Another excellent transaction all around!

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    bought few 12inc figures for a great deal and shipped quick. thanks!
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    I bought some GI joes from this Scummer, and he was SUPER nice and shipping was fast. I can't thank him enough. My kind of scum. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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    I have done two transactions with Jedimasterc. One for a HTF gi joe figure that wasn't at bigger retailers anymore.
    The other is Grimlock from the Transformers Generations line. Great guy to work with, always has a figure or another to help a scummer out.

    Thanks! And looking forward to future transactions.
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    Bought a figure from Jedimasterc. Item was shipped and arrived extremely quickly. Packaged with care. Communication was likewise extremely prompt. Figure was exactly as advertised and well priced. Overall a wonderful experience. Thank you!
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    I have also been fortunate on more than one occasion to receive the aid of jedimasterc - he's been very helpful to get me figures from over the pond always nice and polite, never any problems, great communication. Very reliable to trade with.
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