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Thread: Custom Headsculpts *Wave 4* ^^ ...

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    Custom Headsculpts *Wave 4* ^^ ...

    Hi everybody

    Here is another bunch of headsculpts I made for my custom figures ...

    These 3 Imperial guys I sculpted a while ago, I just recently got my
    hands on enough Imperial Officer Bodies to finish the customs ...
    The 3 bodies are all the same just modified the chest on each one a
    bit (and the pants on Motti) to make them look different enough ...
    I kept the paintwork on those heads simple to keep an Action-Figure
    look to them (as that's what I usually prefer) ...

    Here is my Captain / Admiral Piett

    General Veers

    Admiral Motti ...

    As many others I really wanted a Bespin Guard with the classic Moustache
    look ... so I just sculpted a generic *anybody* head with with a beard and
    the Bespin Guard hat

    This is my Sculpt of the TIE-Pilot Helmet ... VERY hard to take pics
    of this all black thing, but I tried to do my best ... the hoses and box
    are just cut off from the regular TVC / evolutions TIE Pilot-Helmet ...

    This is how I imagine Count Dooku could have looked when he was
    still a *younger* Jedi Master before he turned to the dark side ...
    The body is the Evo / TVC Qui-Gon repainted, the sword is a bash
    of Dookus handle and a blue blade, and the Robe is from some Mace
    Windu figure - I used this because the fabric looks pretty similar in
    color to that short cape of Darth Tyrannus.

    Hope you all enjoyed the pics ... yet there is more to come soon ...

    Cheers and take care,

    Join the Dork Side ...

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    That Dooku looks great! Keep up the good work.

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    Beatiful work evergrey. your sculpts bring the figures alive

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    Dude those are insane! Major talent there!

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    Wow you should work for Hasbro! Great work!

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    Always wonderful work.
    Product shown in fantasy situation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internets View Post
    Dooku is phenomenal.
    Second that! Amazing likeness of Christopher Lee; Motti is spot-on perfect and I love the effect that the focus on the eye sockets has on Piett.
    *Most Wanted: Hasbro to 'wise up'!

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    Wow, your ability to capture likenesses is stunning. I can not believe Hasbro didn't give you the time of day way back when. I love the Christopher Lee one. For some reason I like seeing customs of him younger as a Jedi. I think it's because I remember him as Dracula and he looked so cool as him.
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