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Thread: Just a couple *new* custom head sculpts ...

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    Just a couple *new* custom head sculpts ...

    Hi everybody,

    Just got around to take a few pics of some Headsculpts I haven't shown here, yet.
    Partially I had to wait for some bodies from Hasbro to come out like the one for Dr.
    Evazan, some are a bit older and I didn't show them because I had not finished the
    body-work for those heads, and some are relatively new ones I just made over the
    past couple of months ... anyhow - here is the *first* bunch - there are more to
    come over the next few days as I have yet t take some more pics ...

    Hope you all enjoy

    Cheers & take care,


    First up is my Version of the ESB *Snowtrooper Commander* Helmet ...

    ... Since I do not like the *Peanut-head* Ponda Baba that we got from
    Hasbro, I sculpted my own (a bit more nostalgic and true to the prop)
    Walrus Man head to fit the Hasbro body ...

    Oh I have been waiting for Hasbro to deliver this guy forever, and as
    soon as I got him just yesterday I dug out the headsculpt I had made
    for him a while ago and put it on that body ... I think it turned out nice,
    but if you don't like him don't worry - he doesn't like you either ^^ ...

    And the last one of this lot is the Werewolf guy from the Cantina
    known as *Arleil Schous* ... the body of the Evolutions Luke
    worked perfectly on this one in look and colors - the paws are
    repainted Ponda Baba hands, and the belt is from some Han figure ...

    Hope you all enjoyed ... I'll post the next set soon, so stay tuned for
    a young Jedi Master Dooku, finally a Bespin Guard with Mustache and
    some more ...
    Join the Dork Side ...

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    Whoops - looks like I forgot somebody ... sorry sorry sorry ^^ ...

    Mr. Henry Jones Junior ...

    Join the Dork Side ...

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    Everygrey, you're so good that it kills me. You know how long I've wanted a Snowtrooper Commander sculpt (don't worry, I'm not asking you!) and I think it's so cool that you did one that it helps give me inspiration to do my own. Ponda is fantastic too.

    You've got a real talent. I might do some cool things with customs but it's all mostly parts swapping and repaints. Dudes like you and SithFire are truly artists in a category all of their own. You oughta be well compensated for your abilities!
    Things I need
    Marvel Legends Jean Grey, Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA, Tarkin, Zuckuss
    "Warning: If your Man is Iron for more than four hours, consult your Doctor Doom...

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    those first pics are just jaw dropping, that snowtrooper commander sculpt is awesome, just need a custom/kitbash body to go with it...

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    That Arleil Schous sculpt is spot on! Amazing work on all of these. Evazan and Ponda look so much better with your headsculpts.

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    The Ponda Baba and Indy sculpts are my favorites here; I don't think I've seen anyone come closer to a spot-on sculpt of Harrison Ford. Bravo!
    *Most Wanted: Hasbro to 'wise up'!

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