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Thread: Your Dream Figure?

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    Your Dream Figure?

    It's been a while since we've had a thread like this so I thought I'd see what fellow collectors would consider their "dream figure" aka a figure that must be made for your collection, your collection wouldn't be complete without otherwise. The wishlist polls tell us what the community at large is after but not your number one dream figure.

    So who is your dream figure as of now?

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    A SA Admiral Trench for the Clone Wars line.

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    Two words...ADMIRAL has he not been remade yet...he's a character thats in two movies with screen time and lines...the Kenner version of this figure was I need a PIETT.

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    I'm guessing Tonnika Sisters would be on some Scummer's lists.
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    Well Jedi Mara Skywalker was near the top and we managed to get her.

    Id probably say a toss up between Anakin Solo and Ben Skywalker. Disappointing that we have a Jacen and Jaina but not Anakin yet.

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    Starkiller (arena battle outfit) from TFUII
    *Most Wanted: Hasbro to 'wise up'!

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    This will require some deep thought.
    Wish List: Vedain, Velken, Barada, Yotts Orren, Barge Weequay, Shasa Tiel, Geezum, Gauron Nas Tal, Fozec, Tessek, Lobot, Bib Fortuna, Mercenary Pilot, Gailid, human skiff guard, Pote. (Underlined figure needs update).

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    Lord Shadowspawn from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor or Darth Andeddu from Star Wars: Legacy.
    Most Wanted: Realistic Cad Bane, Darth Andeddu, Calo Nord

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