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Thread: Your Dream Figure?

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    Pong Krell seems to be the dream figure - he was nominated by nearly all websites for the Fans Choice Poll, but wasn't put forward by Hasbro as a voting option. He then crushed the competition in the Hasbro Pulse poll. Hasbro should give fans what they want.

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    For me, it is TCW Obi Wan in Darth Maul Red Mando Armor.

    Funny thing is that it could be easily made with kit bashing. A head from this Obi Wan, the body from a Mando solider. Paint in some red trim, and maybe add some extras. ...

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    yes. But per Hasbro, kitbashing is more expensive than anew sculpt. Thus they might as well make a new figure, but won't happen because this is long past. And they were never that into TCW it seemed. I also wanted Rako Hardeen, could have been a 2 for 1 deal with an extra head!
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    Yep, there will never be another TCW figure made. They have done some characters in the Realistic lines, but really, the TCW era has been dead since 2012.

    Shame, as those figures moved quickly during their reign. It still kills me how hasbro cut the line down in season 3 and we missed so much great opportunities in those last few seasons. So many memorable characters, so few made.

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    Which is odd, considering Hasbro admitted that the CW animated line was one of the best sellers - ever. Kids really got into the series / toys yet Hasbro phased them out without covering a number of fan favorites. I think we'll see more realistic CW characters in TVC, as a number of them ranked in various fan polls.

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