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Thread: Darth Daddius - Darth Vader Bootleg Library

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    Darth Daddius - Darth Vader Bootleg Library

    I started collecting Darth Vader bootlegs as a bit of a side focus to my main Vintage collection (see the link in my signature). I don't think I really knew what I started, but I have to say that they have been a lot of fun to collect. The variety and, frankly, ugliness of some of these guys is awesome and again they have come from all over the world.

    If you have any other Vader bootlegs, post them below and lets start a Bootleg Vader Library!

    4-6 Inch Bootlegs

    Uzay - I only recently found out that there were two versions of the Uzay Vader - one with a white spot on his chest, and one without the spot.

    Hungarian bootleg Vaders
    are one of my favourite lines. A big addition is one of only a few carded 'stump hand' Vaders known to exist mint on card.

    I have also managed to put together a few different colours of the cards with figures, plus the super-ugly 'stump' hand bootleg. Beautiful!

    These carded figures were sold to me as 'Second Generation' Hungarian cards. The text is slightly different and the bubble is also different. The figures themselves look right, but the capes are much thinner and the sabres are not nearly as rigid as the original. I'm not sure if these are actual bootlegs, or bootlegs of bootlegs. Still cool though!

    Model Trems - Three different styles of box that I am aware of, and three different styles of lightsabre - tube, plastic and metal.

    Polish - Different generations and articulation. The green shouldered Vader has limbs taken from a Tie-pilot, and the card is a custom, but a great display.

    I finally have an original polish card! The other two (red and black) are overstock.



    Others from South America and China.

    I solved a minor mystery with this figure and managed to find him carded and boxed. Turns out he's missing a paper vest!

    This guy is a Chewbacca/Vader mix - classic! Actually, this guy in a hybrid between the body of Darth Vader and the head from a Planet Of The Apes bootleg. The smaller photo shows the original. The head does turn and there are more of these out there, so its not a one-off custom.

    POTF2 Bootlegs:

    This one is not especially rare, but I found it a challenge to track down - then I found it at Andy_L's store at C7!

    This is a kit apparently from the Philippines:

    I usually don't collect customs, but these are just too good to resist, and they are sort of like bootlegs......

    The classic Arco. I've waited a while to get him on card....

    12 Inch Bootlegs:

    This one has eluded me for a while. I've had the white version (which looks somewhat like a Stormtrooper) below, but the Black version has been more difficult to find.

    This is a bootleg Lightsabre with a Vader on the packaging. I've also picked up a glow-in-the-dark green version as well.

    Even Kubrick doesn't escape the bootleggers!

    And there is always more to come. So add yours below and lets see just how diverse one character can be!

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    Looking for Darth Vader items from all around the world.
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    This is a great collection! That custom carded Polish looks awesome I am lucky to have in my collection a blue arms Vader which I believe is original and he even came to me with blue cape! Have a look:

    WTB Polish:
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    Wow those are all just fantastic , nice collection.

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    Great limelight Pat! You never cease to amaze in the area of the Dark Lord of the Sith collecting!!

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    Awesome Collection Pat Love that Uzay!

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    I found 2 of these a few years ago, probably one of the craziest and funny things I have ever seen

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    Thanks for sharing photos of this great collection with the rest of us. Although I don't collect bootlegs myself, I never get tired of watching pictures of them and reading about them.

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    Great stuff! I love Vader bootlegs, the uglier the better.

    The 3 different colour carded Hungarian Vaders are awesome!

    That Philippines kit Vader is pretty cool, I don't think I've seen that before.
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    Fantastic collection. I'm a big fan of the Hombre Espacial.

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    Wow Pat, you've done very well. There's a lot of fun pieces in there. I really like the laser sword artwork and how the blade is coming right out of his hand like the vintage figure.
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