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Thread: JediEddy's Work-in-Progress

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    JediEddy's Work-in-Progress

    Well, what has seemed like forEVER, I'm finally now able to display some of my collection. Here's just a few pic's with kind of a mis-mash of items in with my busts and statues:


    These shelves are in my home office.

    These are setup in my "Solo" Room:

    This is why it's the "Solo" room:

    These are setup outside my office:

    I have much more to setup and display, just need the time and the room. But this is a start...finally!

    These are by no means mint in package, but that doesn't really matter to me...why...because these were from my childhood!

    Oh, thought I'd through these in, you might get a kick out of it. These are somewhat old pictures, about a month before ROTS came out, a few TV stations wanted to interview me and asked me to put some of my stuff out, this was the best I could do with the room I had at the time. Enjoy...

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    Very nice collection. That life-size Jar Jar would scare the hell out of me

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    Very nice looking collection you have there..., need bigger pictures though (please) as it's hard to see exactly what you've got on all those shelves/display units.
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    great collection. U should take some bigger pics
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    JediEddy, its hard to watch tv at your house Bro! Nice collection!
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    Very nice collection. The 1:1 Hansicle and Boba bust are awesome! Where are you in SC?

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    Great collection. I love the life-size JarJar.

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    Bigger pics please! Collection looks impressive.

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    **Updated with bigger pic's**
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    Great colleciton. Love the built ins you have for the minibusts. Really well organized!

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