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Thread: Fan made (unlicensed) helmets and props - discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergiu View Post
    You can find them here:

    the Replica Prop Forum

    As for what it is you can read here - a lot to read, but well worth it:

    Original 1977 ANH Stormtrooper Armor and Helmet - Page 25

    Do they offer an HDPE version. The thread seems to indicate not?

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    Since they own an original helmet and armor and saying it may not be HDPE used on the helmet at all, I guess that's why they don't offer that.
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    I believe they did offer HDPE but only upon request. Right now they do ABS and PVC. My helmet is ABS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoHumorMan View Post
    Since they own an original helmet and armor and saying it may not be HDPE used on the helmet at all, I guess that's why they don't offer that.
    Yeah, I did see that and was curious. I'm still very new to these fan made helmets but from my other reading, mainly on the RPF there seemed to be a lot of common consensus toward the HDPE being the material used. I appreciate that whatever the case that the HDPE of today may very quite a bit from HDPE in the 1970's and that HDPE might well vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer both then and now. Does an ABS cast loose some of the finer details? As I'm reading through it seems that these different plastics all react quite differently in their respecitve heating and cooling properties.

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    If I recall correctly the info regarding the use of HDPE on the original helmets came from Andrew Ainsworth, but he also said that he made more ABS helmets than the "HDPE" stunts, where it is a known fact that he made more stunts than the ABS hero helmets, of which he only made 6, so honestly... any info coming from that man is in my view unreliable.

    I don't know much about the different plastics, but those who've formed with it say that HDPE is a PITA. Depending on which material you use, you'll get exponential loss the thicker it is. It's said that it's best to form in material between 1 - 2 mm in thickness.

    Consensus just means majority opinion, not to be mistaken with absolute fact. That HDPE fact has shifted with the owner of the authentic ANH armor going public - before that it was just conjecture as there was nothing to really compare the different types of plastics to... now there is.
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    We discussed about the helmets but this thread is about props too. Thus for the people who don't follow the limelight sections here is the converted Sterling blaster upgraded with accurate real Eagle Hengstler. One more step in making it complete, not that it wasn't complete before, since it was accurate to a specific scene from ANH, where Han shoots the comm panel in the detention area, and his blaster there doesn't have Hengstler, just cylinders. The next step might be to upgrade the cylinders with the newly discovered TCC capacitors and maybe the dual wires.


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    Hi everyone...

    Just wondering if anyone knows or bought these fan made helmets and what you think about them?

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    If I am not mistaken this would be Starfortress productions. They are a very shady company with an owner that is evading authorities (I think). He recasts others work and sells it as his own. I have never purchased anything from them for the reputation they have earned in the prop community. I also understand that the quality is terrible and far from accurate. My advice is to find someone around the forums that is well respected for their work and buy from them. Hope this helps some.

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    Thanks Elijah for the comments.

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    I'm a huge x-wing fan. That said, with the lack of x-wing helmets I decided to do a custom Biggs .45 scale helmet. Still working on it and planning on doing more in the future. If anyone wants to check it out pics are posted in the GG bust ups-mini helmet thread.
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