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Thread: Disney B.A.D Parts

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    I'd love some freshly tooled parts to be folded into the mix along with the old favourites if those parts bins are going to be refreshed. Bring on the Lothal astromechs and some of the Resistance series astro droids. I'd also love some LT droids from Solo and Rogue 1, though they might be better suited to carded or boxed releases than the parts bins. While we're talking two-packs and four-packs, how about repainting Chopper in his various disguises? I appreciate protocol droids may be going away, but how cool would an Imperial Chopper and AP-5 two-pack be? I'd love R3-A3 while we're at it. Or a D-squad box set? Come on Disney!

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    The Protocol Droids were a nice change of pace for sure, but I'm sure they have run their course if there were no plans to expand beyond the basic molds. IMO this could have been a way for the gold Droid from Maz's Castle to get a release! As well as a few other MIA Droids that Hasbro apparently doesn't want to touch. It's been a while now so a refresh is probably warranted. Considering the lack of Astromechs in the ST, I'm surprised by this. Means that they will have to focus on either unreleased OT Droids, or "reissues" perhaps?

    I don't see why they couldn't run both at the same time, unless their factory just isn't set up for it. Because I would go for getting both, there are several I'd still like to see made. Like D-Squad, AP-5. Also wouldn't mind a better version of R2-A5, T3-M4 Also still hoping to get a KotoR style or T3-M4.

    That said, with this rumor was it implied the new Astromechs would be 3.75" scale? Or perhaps they might start doing them in 6" scale?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    That said, with this rumor was it implied the new Astromechs would be 3.75" scale? Or perhaps they might start doing them in 6" scale?
    Get outta here with your blasphemy, sir!
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    Droid Depot is definitely a larger scale brand isn't it?

    I just ordered the blue R2 and new R5 from the new 4 pack, and I don't mind buying the odd single figure, but starting over with another large 3.75" astromech range? I don't think I have the energy or the inclination to be honest. It's just too much hard work and expense for the international collector.
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    As an international collector, I hear and agree with you, DS, which is why I appreciate the heads-up, even if it is just a rumour. I can't bear to give up now, so I will have to start squirreling aside cash now so that I am ready when these hit, which they often do with little official warning.

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