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Thread: Disney B.A.D Parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by skytreader View Post
    Don't know about R9s, but Mace Windu's droid was R8-B7 (briefly, in the Clone Wars)
    But it looked like an R2, didn't it? I mean, each Astromech used to have it's own unique look and had names relating to it's model. Now Lucas films and EU just throw names around everywhere and they often don't match up to the design of the droid. Do R8s have a unique design like R1/2/3/4/5/6/7?

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    Maybe the differences are internal

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    they've both been referenced in the novels, and were shown in the New Essential Guide to Droids:
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    OMG, I just found this thread and the dizzying amount of possibilities this brings to the table is enough to induce a Nerdgasm. I am so all over this!!! I think this almost makes the the Sandcrawler a definite too for the next big vehicle as well as it's potential tie in to such a promotion.

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    hopefully you can just buy one bag with one of every part in it.

    And $100 for the figure is expensive...but custom bobbleheads are around that price...And female bodies are needed (ANH Leia, TPM Queen and E2 Padme are probably the best....though, I'm sure there is a girl or two (along with their bf) that wouldn't mind seeing the slave Leia body...)
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    If it comes with a cardback that is a picture of yourself then I'm in. Adam Pawlus isn't so unique now that we can all get figures of ourselves. Lol
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    Or even give yourself your own Star Wars name and bio.

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    This news is so unbelievably cool. Looks like I will be buying a whole lot of droid parts at celebration six. (And shelling out for a figure of myself.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogue1 View Post
    they've both been referenced in the novels, and were shown in the New Essential Guide to Droids:
    Huh, interesting. I'm not really sure how I feel about those. I think I like them better than R7s...maybe...

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    Okay, this rumor is crazy awesome awful. I mean, there had BETTER be an easy way for those who can't make it to a themepark on a certain weekend to be able to buy these things.

    Those R8, R9 domes are pretty awful. Not as bad as the horrible 80's sci-fi look that the R7 has, but still pretty pointless. The R2 dome is the perfect combination of simplicity and utilitarianism. It looks totally practical, like the rest of the droid. Not like these things, which just look like some artist was trying too hard to make something look "futuristic".

    If possible, I will be skipping all the parts from these non-canon astrodroids, except where they are identical to the actual droids seen onscreen (legs, some bodies).

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