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Thread: Japanese Star Wars Vintage

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    Collection slowly growing, have been posting in the Vintage section up until now.
    Still looking for Ben, Chewie and Sandpeople Takaras, along with the C3P0 and Stormtrooper variations. If you know of any available, please let me know.

    My unpunched Tsukuda back run, 11 and counting. Love a Yellow Bubble

    Have yet to find a nice Lando Skiff or even see a Luke Jedi....

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    Hi Toru,

    Thanks for the information! So based on what you've mention, my guess is that those cards that come with the Takara-A sticker should be harder to find and commands a higher value? Correct me if i am wrong please. Thank you.

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    Definitely Takara-A stickers are hard to find.
    I do not want to say rare, Takara-A cards were first action figures to hit the market,
    so kids were just opened them and played with them. not many survived.
    Then Takara produced more with Takara-B sticker and C.

    I, myself try to complete Takara-A sticker 12 backs, but I gave up long ago.
    Even R2, I only saw 10 or less with Takara-A sticker, most of the takara R2 were Takara-B sticker.
    I saw just Leia, Storm and C-3PO were sold at eBay, that was all.

    If you care about those variations and conflict with other collectors, of course you have to pay some extra.
    But, seems like not much collectors knows or care about this.

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