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Star Case in Koenji and Nakano Broadway mall are places you must go to. There's a thread here: http://forum.rebelscum.com/showthread.php?t=1118659
Add the Mandarake shop in Akihabara to this list. They tend to have a few interesting pieces there. And sold back some I bought at their shop in Nakano Broadway as well (last February). Plus check out their website to see what they have for sale in these locations. It might help you decide if it is worth your time or not. And there is Jungle at the Radio Kaikan Shop location. They have some items for sale. And are in the same building as AmiAmi, as well as a few other shops worth checking out. I totally miss shopping there.

Just remember that Star Case might come off as crowded when it comes to what is available for sale. But it is a fun space to visit, and they have some interesting (albeit used) items worth checking out. And when it comes to Nakano Broadway, newer things tend to pop up in Robot Robot. There is also a store that offers older stuff, along with AFA graded loose vintage pieces. Those tend to be cheaper on eBay, even with the price difference. And for vintage carded stuff, there is a Manadarake shop that offers those. Again, check out their site first.

I hope this helps! And don't feel bad that you did not see NIGO's Star Wars collection on exhibit. I missed it as well. It was sold in 2015 and was told that it was one of those things dreams are made of.