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    Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

    I've gone through many (but not all) of the threads here and although I found an R2-D2 collectors thread I can't find a specific thread about those of us who collect ALL astromech droids.

    So let's kick things off now that we have our very own thread to show off anything to do with astromech droids. You can
    your collections;
    your customs;
    tell everyone how many droids you have; and
    what droids would you like to see made.
    discuss the pro's and cons of BAD's or which is the best/definitive sculpts.

    My own collection isn't very large at this stage with only about 20 figures, however I do have another 7 on the way and I'll post a pic soon.

    I've also created an Astromech Droid checklist using MS Word and images from the RS photo gallery, in the hope of chronicling every astromech droid (except for the R1 series) Hasbro have made. It is 10mb in size and is pic heavy and can be downloded here:

    At the moment R2-MK and the holiday R2-D2 have not been listed but will be shortly. However, if anyone has any additions or corrections let me know.
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