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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    Oh man, really? Always a bummer when you hear a fellow 'mech-head is hanging it up. Well, if you're willing to sell individual pieces, let us know. I'm sure I have a few holes in my collection, even though I still have A LOT of stuff, heh.

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    Man, there are some fantastic color schemes. Amazing how much more they scream lucasfilm OT/PT production, instead of the amateur-hour hobby droids we've been getting in the ST. I hope they start getting these in plastic asap.
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    hey all! it's been a while since i've checked up on these forums (and SW in general), but i've gotten back into it, or so it seems. i've been doing some catching up these past days - going back through all the old stuff i got figured out when researching background droids - but i'm still a bit stumped and figured this would be a good place to ask about any breakthroughs regarding astromechs in the OT (especially ANH) in terms of some rare, uncovered behind the scenes shots and the like. anything crazy come out these past two years or so? saw a close-up picture of R5-A2's back panels, thought that was pretty cool.

    mainly asking about astromechs since i don't wanna derail the thread, but any links to other droid discoveries would be much appreciated! forgot how much i enjoyed these sorts of things - brings me back to the old days of *checking notes* 2015

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    Anyone know why R2-BHD is going to auction? Mostly just curious.
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    They need the Money for something?
    Looking for:R3-H17, L3-37
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    Mysterious new astromech 3-packs have appeared at D23. They appear to be 3.75" BAD, but I'm not 100% certain on that. Three separate 3-packs are being sold. New, presumably BAD versions of R4-A22 and R5-M2 are part of the sets, as well as a very nice looking blue R2 unit, based on a fan-made droid named R2-SHP. My guess is that means this droid will show up somewhere in either The Mandalorian or Episode 9. No idea on price or availability yet. I need these though!!

    *UPDATE* Upon closer inspection of some sets that are already on ebay, I believe these are the same scale and materials as the Elite series. So diecast metal I guess? Not sure. The feet cables were a giveaway that these likely aren't BADs.

    *UPDATE #2*

    It seems the sets are sold shrink-wrapped, so the auctions up now don't show the actual droids in the other two sets. Hopefully somebody cracks open all three sets soon so we can get a gander!

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    Hmmm... I could go for some metal detailed figure sized astromechs! Do we have a MSRP on these sets?

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    Names are on the cans.
    Yellow series 1
    G8 r3
    R4 a22
    R4 p44

    R4 i9
    R5 m2
    R2 q5

    R5 x3
    R4 x2
    R2 shp
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    Loose pic of the M2 and I9 set. These are definitely in scale with the Disney store Elite figures, so slightly larger than 6" scale. I will like pass now that this has been confirmed, but I'm hopeful a few of these will show up in either a new 3.75" BAD 4-pack, or as refreshed parts at the BAD stations outside of GE. Really want the blue R2, and would definitely love to have an update to R4-A22, since the previous version is using the 20 year old POTJ mold, which just doesn't hold up well nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorPalpitate View Post
    These are definitely in scale with the Disney store Elite figures, so slightly larger than 6" scale.
    Actually, these ARE Elite Series die cast droids

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