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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    The 3.75" BAD stations still exist. No new parts, however. Seems really odd they wouldn't have introduced new parts once Galaxy's Edge opened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorPalpitate View Post
    The 3.75" BAD stations still exist. No new parts, however. Seems really odd they wouldn't have introduced new parts once Galaxy's Edge opened.
    Not really... They are different universes now

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    Thanks guys! New parts aren't a big draw as I haven't been there since the second gen of astromechs. Dunno if I like the color change gimmick. It never seems to be as cool as the marketing departments say it is...

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    Can't believe how dead our once thriving little thread has become, especially with the new park opening! Sure, some of the new 'mech goodness isn't easily attainable yet, but to see a real lack of buzz here makes me sad! Hope the thread comes back to life someday...

    Anyways, I was hoping to have one of the big rc 'mechs to share with you guys, but unfortunately the one I wanted built was sold out. Nooker was kind enough to try and build me one, but both the main one I wanted, and the backup design I gave him, were sold out. And that was before GE opened to the general public without need of reservations! Can't imagine how many parts will be sold out in the coming weeks.

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    very true. I'm sure Disney feels that the smaller BADs have run its course, and not much else to release anymore. So by creating a new scale, they can just retread same old colors. Typical BS Hasbro has done , so I'm not surprised at all. There are several Astro Droids I'd still like, not to mention some Protocal models. As well as some niche offering like Leebo etc.

    But it was good while it lasted, not that any of them were ever that easy to get in the first place.

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    From pictures I’ve seen...visitors to Galaxy’s Edge on both coasts will have lots to gander at...droid wise. The set & prop design & dressing is “most impressive “.

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    Florida flea market finds! Kinda disappointing.. 2 rather large flea markets and this is all I could find. Oh well...
    And I'll fix the sideways pic when I get home. Dunno why they almost always download sideways...

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    This post is copied from the Disney thread but I thought it fit here as well...

    I am back from my trip to Disney. We did five days and a Disney Springs Day. Here is my haul:

    I was really excited for this; to be honest though, it was a bit of a let down. The selection was really, really narrow and I could not complete the droids... wait for it... I was looking for. There was no selection of R8 or R9 domes. The only R7 dome was the gold one, which I was looking for the blue stripped one. My son tried to build R2-D2 and they didn't have legs in that color available. The workers were not knowledgeable or really helpful in the Disney Springs Star Wars Trading Post.

    Not to complain too much, it was still a fun experience. My passion for astromechs has rubbed off on my kids some. They had a lot of fun. They enjoyed building protocol droids as well (not a protocol fan really so none for me).

    I also got the Last Jedi 2-pack with R4-X2 and Y5-X2. I am a bit limited in my R4 selection and this was a nice one, I like the Rebel symbol on the dome.

    We got most of our droids at the Star Wars trading post in Disney Springs. We also stopped at the gift shop in Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. Both had really, really poor selections. They staff at the gift shop in Hollywood Studios was really nice and helpful though and checked on legs for my son to attempt R2-D2. They did not have them though.

    R5-K6 eludes me yet again...

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    Got my 6 inch Chopper and BT-1!
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