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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmperorPalpitate View Post
    Yeah, I'll pass.
    Yeah, same here. It looks more like something lil Anakin put together in his backyard as a small boy just messing around. Not an actual Droid a serious Cadet would use on the job.

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    I don't mind Bucket. He's weird, but that's okay. He's just one droid. I just wish he was realistic rather than animated, but it might be close enough to realistic style that he might be okay in my 3.75" collection with a wash and a little bit of custom work.

    Or Disney might yet save me the trouble and release one of their own.

    Tell the truth, I like him better than 000. Just can't get behind the concept of that droid.
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    Now that I've had a chance to study this nice promo shot of the upcoming 6" BT-1, I'm certain it's a new sculpt on the body. The two most easily noticed differences are the feet, and the two chest panel 'arms', which are more accurately shaped and are properly recessed. We're definitely looking at a new body here. So they were telling the truth in the panel, it would seem. Overall it just looks closer to the actual movie prop as far as details and proportions. Not perfect by any means, but far better than the current astromech sculpt being used in the BS line. Of course, the real question is what is the scale on this new body? Is it still too puny, or will we finally have an acceptable astromech sculpt for this line?

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    For comparison:

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    I am sure some of you have seen this as you are bigger droid fans than I.

    In this video you can see the mouse droid had a train car. 8:07

    A dancing Gonk droid 7:08 (black & a grey imperial versions)

    At the end you can get a good view of the jawa/homestead droids & see that they had a lot of remote control details that didn't make the final cut.
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    I love this Bar!

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    Was cool to see proto-Artoo, but was hoping to see R5-K6.

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    Just finished this guy the other day. R2-T1! Based his design on an old behind-the-scenes photo from Phantom Menace, showing R2-TO getting his initial base coat. Always liked that color!

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    Agreed. That looks great. It's amazing that after all this time, even a simple one-colour droid can look so fresh and original. Just shows what potential remains for some great new colour schemes, even after all these years. Great job and nice tidy work!

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