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Thread: NECA - Prometheus / Alien franchise

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    NECA - Prometheus / Alien franchise

    It's been revealed that NECA will be releasing PROMETHEUS figures shortly after the movie's release in December 2013. While it's possible that the movie may be so horrible as to kill all (my) interest in this toy line, I'm hoping for the best!

    Also confirmed: A new Alien Warrior (with removal limbs for 'battle damage' effect) & Colonial Marines! Thus far only two Marines are in the works (with Hicks being confirmed as one of them)... but surely if they do well more Marines (and Aliens) will follow? Coinciding with this news, Neca hinted at the possibility of a Queen sometime later, and supposedly figures from other Alien films are in the plans as well!

    No photos of any of these toys have been revealed yet, but you know the drill: when they surface, post 'em here!

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    I collect some of Neca's Nightmare Before Christmas toys, really nice detailed toys. Very fragile though, course aliens are a little meatier than say Jack Skellington. I'm curious to see what they release, more than likely i'll pick a few up.

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    Oh man, I am totally down with any and all Colonial Marines that they make!

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    Yeah, Aliens have been freaking me out since childhood...

    And I'm really intrigued by Prometheus. The whole concept is pretty neat.

    I want a Space Jockey figure!
    Things I need
    Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch (Allfather), Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA, Tarkin, Zuckuss
    "Warning: If your Man is Iron for more than four hours, consult your Doctor Doom...

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    I'll be down with the my squad of hot toys....but would like a smaller scale too....
    I'm thinking of going the Predator route, too..but have heard numerous problems in quality control....hope things improve...
    BTW..can anyone link me to a good site with pics of the Alien/predator and associated series?....I'm w2ay behind..

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    Put my name on the list of people down for any/all marines!!

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    The trailer looks amazing. This is probably my most anticipated movie of the year. Plus, we might finally get to find out what the hell the Space Jockey was all about.

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    ^^^ as well as awesome Neca figures, I'm hoping we also see some vehicles/starships!!!

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    Actually, Prometheus is supposed to be released around Memorial Day, with the figures coming later in the year. I'm hoping for a giant Space Jockey diorama/playset in scale with the current Alien figures. Would probably cost like $100+, but I've wanted that in my collection for years. I'm also cool with the Marines, and hopefully we get the crew from Predator. Maybe even Danny Glover and Gary Abusey from Predator 2.

    As for the quality regarding NECA's stuff, most of it is pretty good, but still not really intended for tons of rough play. The Alien and Predator figures I have are all pretty sturdy, and much more durable than the McFarlane stuff from years ago. I've had a few stuck joints right out of the package that loosened up with the help of a hair dryer, hot water, some wiggling, and patience. The only real problem were the superthin tusks on Tracker Predator...both tusks on both of the ones I have broke as soon as I removed the figures from the package.

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    if they were going to go all in on humans from the Predator movies, I'd be down for a Royce figure from Predators.

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