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    Agreed. I'll go one farther and state that the only soft goods I love are those that are made of the gauze-like material, from the Vintage collection Tusken Raider and from Hermi Odle. Those take the water treatment perfectly.

    Water-treated on left, out-of-package on the right.

    After water treatment.
    That Tusken Raider looks really cool! Is that from 'The Saga Collection'?

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    I loved that figure army built a dozen of them and am pretty sure no matter what they do with tusken raiders I will never need another one.
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    That Tusken was from the Vintage line. I believe the VTSC line, which was out when the TSC line was out as well. There were 5 figures in the VTSC line, Tusken, Pilot Luke, Greedo, Endor Han, and the biker Scout.
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    The Tusken was also re-released a few years ago under the Discover the Force 3D line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Internets View Post
    The Tusken was also re-released a few years ago under the Discover the Force 3D line.
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    Recently opened up my TBS Jawas. Excellent figures, and my favorite 3.75" versions of these characters. Like the different shading/color on the brown robes (just like in ANH) & the detail on the bandolier straps & holsters are great. Fantastic figures.

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