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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Brett View Post
    I would be cool to get the other Security Droid and the Stovepipe Droid as well as some Jawas if they were to be included with a vehicle.

    Not sure I really want to see sg on them though since Hasbro has proven they really can't execute them properly on a consistent basis.
    What other Security Droid? Have a picture or link?

    I really don't want SG either. The 2nd TLC one wasn't awful but it didn't do anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarvenDreis View Post
    What other Security Droid? Have a picture or link?

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    I'd like SG if it were an actual cloak like the vintage jawa had.

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    Having only the Jawas from the 1996 POTF... they were ok for that time... they did have that little clever glowing eyes thing... but they were pretty much just little salt shakers

    the Jawas from 2007 & 2008 are actually pretty sharp looking but they're little brown salt shakers.. and the one from 2009... those who hate the forthcoming Tarkin I can only imagine that you're not fond of the soft goods skirt on that Jawa either...

    I'd love to see Hasbro tackle this little guy again... a SA figure underneath with a full soft goods cloak and the great looking bandolier/holster from the 2008 figure

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    That's the one! Thanks for posting the pic, Spook.
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    Defiantly want that Security Droid too.

    Thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VornJithco View Post
    a new Jawa is pretty high on my wish list...

    perfect figure for a soft goods cloak....with a outer rubber bandolier/holster
    If they do it like they did Daultay Dofine, I could get behind that. Make the figure extra skinny underneath so it averages out with the bulk added by the cloth robe.

    But please no upper half plastic, lower half cloth garbage.

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    As long as there are no oversized holsters and no "skirt" soft goods (instead of a full "robe" soft goods, a better choice aesthetically imho). The past have been fairly good, aside from those little details though if they go for the full robe soft goods, it better do the figure justice.

    Was there any indication that they would just be straight re-packs?
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    Yeah thats what I want plus the droid inside the sandcrawler junk scene. Like I already said I want those transporters outside the cantina too.
    Anyone have any pics of those? I dont know how to post larger ones only small ones.
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    Not sure I really need any more Jawas. They will really have to come up with something good this time around to get me to bite.

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