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Thread: Jabba’s Skiff Guard (Sergeant Doallyn) - #27

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    Jabba’s Skiff Guard (Sergeant Doallyn) - #27

    Status - Speculation via Stan's Rumor list, item not confirmed

    Stan has hinted that we might be seeing Sergeant Doallyn from Jabba's Palace/Skiff in the future, any thoughts or ideas on what they'd like to see with this figure?

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    I love Jabba's goons and this guy would be a great addition. I'd expect one of those skiff pikes and a blaster to come with him.

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    I like this but, please finish the prisoner skiff first!
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    I love goons from Jabba's Palace, so instant buy for me. I've wanted Doallyn for a long time.
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    I am actually surprised he hasn't been made yet but I will totally take him.

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    Count me in. He has been high on past poll lists.
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    I'll buy him. The question is, will it be the white outfit or the black outfit? I know the black one is actually doallyn, but does hasbro know?

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    Hope they do both!

    Its actually crazy they haven't gotten around to him yet! Can't wait!
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    Pretty sure the Bane Malar outfit is the same as the Doallyn black outfit. If the heads are swapable, you could just take the head from the white outfit Doallyn and put it on Bane Malar's body. I am so happy to get any Skiff Guards, this is awesome news!

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    This one's kinda meh for me. I'd still get him. Lots of ROTJ on these rumor lists.

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