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Thread: Bespin Battle Pack

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    Bespin Battle Pack

    A Bespin Battle Pack is on the way, it contains Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Bespin Luke Skywalker

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    With new figures, this is a definite buy.

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    God I hope we finally get Bespin Luigi.

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    This is the same as the SDCC "Carbon Freeze Chamber" set, minus frozen Jar Jar...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    Apparently a Bespin Battle Pack is on the way, I havent seen or heard who's in it yet but it contains new figures.
    Interesting. I'll take SA Lando, 70's 'tache blue guard and Yoxgit plz!
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    What figures could this include?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddball_Fett View Post
    Interesting. I'll take SA Lando, 70's 'tache blue guard and Yoxgit plz!
    DUDE! That would be a dream come true. Sadly, no chance. =/
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    That would be an interesting set as long as they are new figs!
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    Luke, Vader, Boba
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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksmasher View Post
    What figures could this include?
    Guess it depends on what scene they are from, my guess is BE Leia would be part of a BP since she's a slight retool.
    While Bespin gown would be all new and go in basic line.

    Bespin Lando is also possible as he's just a retool, as well, new BH elbow arms, maybe better cape?

    My most wanted though is that third BSG and Lt. Shekil.
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