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Thread: Anakin Skywalker w/Light Up Lightsaber - MH19

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    I dn't think anyone has this figure.

    On the entire Internet (or the first page of Google results), there is only one site I saw that claims to have it for sale, from France.

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    I've checked, the Scummer I was referring to in my previous post was Fukuiraptor, who's based in Hong Kong.

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    With the Legacy-AOTC/ROTS shakeup, I feel like this figure may have been pulled in order to put it out in the fall for ROTS.

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    Hopefully they'll make up for the delay by releasing a Light-Up Lightsaber Dooku at to coincide.

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    Light-Up Anakin Skywalker MH19 Reviewed

    Quote Originally Posted by pohatu771 View Post
    I dn't think anyone has this figure.

    On the entire Internet (or the first page of Google results), there is only one site I saw that claims to have it for sale, from France.
    JTA has this fourth wave reviewed minus the Battle Droid which they say is coming from France. Here is the link for Anakin Skywalker and in it you'll find the links to the other two: Sandtrooper and Boba Fett.

    Jedi Temple Archives News: Review: Anakin Skywalker - SW [TPM 3D] - Movie Heroes (MH19)
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    To my surprise I saw both the Light-Up Anakin and Electronic Sandtrooper at a toy store in Vienna today. I had to pass due to the price, unfortunately. I was sooo hoping to find Anakin back last month when all Hasbro SW lines were reduced from $20 to $13 during a special pre-Christmas Star Wars toy discount.

    The figure itself looks pretty nice. The headsculpt works really well for a hero Anakin because of the slight smile in his expression. The facial scar on the one I saw wasn't really as pronounced as usual.

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    it's a super cool feature. I've seen it on 3 figures now.
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    I want this one, because I'll buy all of the light-up figures (acknowledging that I initially panned them), but I'm still baffled by the left-handed lightsaber.

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    I got mine in Czech Republic for (hold your breaths) 6! Yeah I still can't believe that price, normally, you'd buy the most basic figures for 12 to 14, apparently there was some kind of a sale or what. It seems these light-up Anakins are available in Europe, at least from what I've heard and seen. They're not even on eBay (I saw one, though, from Germany).
    Anyway, I love the new sculpt, the reviewers at jeditemplearchives criticised it but in my humble opinion, it's the most accurate sculpt of Anakin so far. Also, I was relieved that someone clever at Hasbro has finally painted his hair right. I was getting sick of that bland brown they kept using, the dark blonde/sandy works great! The rest of the figure is not something you'd expect from a 2013 figure, especially where the articulation is concerned. The figure's looks are mainly about the light-up lightsaber (yeah, in a wrong hand and being ridiculously bulky and what irritates me the most is that his lightsaber hand doesn't bend so it looks really stupid with him holding it so stiffly...

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    Any pics???
    Looking for a MOMC set of Episode I (2-Inch) Mini Figures and Anakin/Naboo Fighter set.

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