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Thread: Darth Vader w/Light Up Lightsaber - MH20

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    Huh. Look at that bulky lightsaber hilt.

    On the upside, this is probably the best light-up figure yet, since Vader is supposed to be bulky.
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    There's also another new Darth Vader figure that noone's been mentioning. It has ball jointed hips

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    I love the plastic goods on this. I am tempted to buy several and and switch out the horrendous cheese cloth of former Vaders with these beautifully sculpted ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesanshutz View Post
    There's also another new Darth Vader figure that noone's been mentioning. It has ball jointed hips
    It was announced last year, and you've mentioned it in multiple threads.

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    Looks pretty good, actually - I'm leaning towards wanting the light up ones. Hmm.

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    AWESOME! This figure, as well as ROTS Anakin came completely out of the blue, with no previous rumors popping up. I guess that makes them the true surprised of this years Toy Fair.
    I was worried we'd have to wait 2-3 years before we got these characters with Light-Up Lightsabers.

    I just wish he'd also have a light-up chestplate and a number of sound effects like electronic R2 does. Maybe next time?

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    This figure looks awesome, and the fact that it's got a lighted lightsaber I think its fair to say that I will be devouring this figure upon its release. I love the way that it looks sitting inside the packaging, its really nice, I also love the way the lightsaber looks inside of the package.....just lovely overall.
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    Looks interesting, possible pick up for me.
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