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Thread: Slynger's Sideshow Collection & More!! 12/24 Update

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    Slynger's Sideshow Collection & More!!

    well, I figure I've been around long enough that I should probably share my collection room here. So, if you'll excuse the photos and the shelving that is lacking the trim, enjoy the pics.

    I have a heavy focus on OT PF so I think it fits best in the Sideshow area.

    IMHO one of GG best pieces

    Mondo's Fett print

    Custom Fett art w/ autographs
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    and my non-SW:

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    Wow. Simply amazing. Everything is so nicely set up! Thanks for sharing.

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    LOOKS AWESOME!! I like were you have the PF's and also like the superman...I dont really like the 12" line but that superman just looks so real.

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    Really enjoy the overall look of your set up. Neat, clean, classy - just the way I like 'em.

    Thanks for sharing....
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterCollector View Post
    I dont really like the 12" line but that superman just looks so real.
    I'm not a huge fan on 1/6, but some are just too cool to pass up. The need for a Christopher Reeve Superman doesn't even need to be explained it's so iconic. I have a spot reserved for the 1989 Batman coming up and then I'm going to be redoing a Han Solo here shortly and that will pretty much be my 1/6 collection. Gotta save room for more PFs!

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. Glad you like them.

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    Great collection very neat and well displayed. I really like the PF display and you have some great Fett prints. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice look, I especially like the built in. I'm not big into SS, but your collection is put together well. It's also nice to see someone else with the "Lukes Destiny" print. Thanks for sharing.

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