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Thread: Walmart Thread

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    Don't look now but I saw this on Thejeditemplearchives and Yakface.The Movie Legends are on a deletion list.Now I am not sure if theseare the 3-D figures or the Legends figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    Don't look now but I saw this on Thejeditemplearchives and Yakface.The Movie Legends are on a deletion list.Now I am not sure if theseare the 3-D figures or the Legends figures.
    Not surprised. When will Hasbro learn that you can't release the same figures in all of the lines and Battle Packs at the same time and expect them to sell. It's called variety Hasbro. Go back a few years and look at what you used to do.

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    This is wonderful news. The MH line (and the legacy lines before it) have peg warmed hard for years. But the MH line took it to a new level. There has only been one wave stocked at my WM and pretty much all of the figures are still there since January. I never saw those light up lightsaber figures but considering that the MH pegs are always full, there really isn't any room for them.

    Walmart is a savy retailer with good inventory software. I'm pretty sure they have noticed that they aren't selling MH figures as much as just displaying them.

    Hopefully the right people from Hasbro get fired soon. This joke has gone on long enough and its gotten old.

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    Hmmm, I'm not sure what to make of this news. Here's what's going on in my mind right now:

    Optimistic side: Maybe this is the kick in the pants Hasbro needs to do something about the awful case assortments that have been plaguing this line for far too long now. They can no longer hide behind the "legends figures are selling fine" excuse. There comes a point where even the most casual SW fan already has an Anakin figure and it's time Hasbro learned this fact.

    Pessimistic side: With Hasbro's track record for ignoring obvious signs of decay in their lines, there's a chance that the pegwarming will continue until the SW line simply doesn't exist anymore. If Hasbro sees this event as a sign that Star Wars is no longer popular, they might give up on the franchise. It's apparent that the company doesn't believe there is anything wrong with their character selection, a belief that may lead to wrong assumptions and even worse decisions.
    The Star Wars line needs more EU figures!

    Are you unsatisfied with the current state of continuity with The Clone Wars? Check this petition out:

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    my local walmart reset today. MTT on shelf.

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    I've stopped at 6 Wal-Marts this weekend looking for deals while breaking up a long drive, and the Star Wars selection (even clearance) continues to be very thin. Finally picked up the TPM set with Anakin, pit droids, flags, etc for $15.

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    My Walmart is running dry with the same peg warmers but, week before last, they had put in their clearence section the old comic packs of Prince Xizer/Leia and Shadow trooper/General Weir. The packages are beat up and they had plenty of dust on them which, doesn't matter since I am going to open them. I don't know if they were in the back storage or not. More than likely they weren't a return since, they had several Shadow Trooper/General Weir hanging on the peg. Now if I could find Kenobi's star fighter from E3.

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    My Wallyworld put out a dozen saga legends clone troopers, and saw the Movie heroes (Maul, Grevious thats movie heroes right?) next door at the dollar store all were $5.

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