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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Movie Heroes / Discover the Force

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    Yeah, I had bought a few Olie's and Naboo pilots found in clearance at Walmart's for 7 bucks or less. One Ric is out on display, one in the Naboo Starfighter and one in the Royal Starship.

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    Found a Naboo Pilot for clearance in a Walmart in another neighborhood, much to my surprise, as the other stock was all current. Snatched it up. Almost never see this kind of old school clearance in Chicago anymore so it was a cool surprise.

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    That's a fun pick-up. Heck, at this point, there are a lot of figures from those older lines that I'd snatch up if I found them on clearance.
    #1 want: Admiral Piett (3.75" TVC line)

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    Recently began pulling my collection out of storage after about 7 yrs. While unpacking, found a Movie Heroes Darth Maul with an Anakin Skywalker insert. I don't think its a store-bought swap as I'm 99% sure I only ever bought MH figs by the case from EE. Anyone have thoughts on what (if anything) it might be worth?

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    Found two DTF Dewbacks and three Vulture Droids at a Walmart in Lebanon, MO for $22 each. Not the greatest clearance price, but was stunned they actually still had them. Picked up the Dewbacks for the heck of it.

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    In the mail earlier today I got one of the Ewoks from the Ewok multipack. Flitch whatever his name is. Cool looking ewok that comes with a stormtrooper blaster and an extra hood with a feather. his little knife I gave to Leektar since my nephew was screwing around playing with my Leektar figure a bit too much years ago where my nephew lost the frikkin knife.

    Too bad Kneesa didnt get a re-release for the Vintage Collection line since she was popular from the old Ewoks cartoon show and the old Marvel/Star comic book

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    Recently decided to try to complete this line again after a huge break, only picked up very few during its original run. Bought a few from a facebook seller page, namely Binks and a CW Yoda. Found three others on offer at an online store that arrived today. Namely child Anakin, CW Anakin and Padmae battle of naboo.

    As Im a carded man, i kick myself that I opened a fair few early on as I wasn't going to go for a full run on these.

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    Arrived today, even the saber still glows. Awesome.

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