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Thread: Army of BLACK & WHITE Stormtroopers

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    Army of BLACK & WHITE Stormtroopers

    Deleted. Please remove.
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    Sweet! Are they all the same "Triangular Eyes" type stormies?

    edit: Wait, are these customs???
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    Okay I will bite, how are you doing it? Touch ups on the paint? Altering the figures to get the yellow out? Or are you throwing down a donkey load of money to get 42 perfect troopers? I have been searching them out as well and I do not find them like that all that often. Here's mine(just sharing, not hijacking).

    WTB, your Yaks and Blue Snags Also looking for loose Stormies.

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    i love imperial armies. those are WHITE

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    Awesome. They all look so fresh. Nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi534 View Post
    Sweet! Are they all the same "Triangular Eyes" type stormies?

    edit: Wait, are these customs???
    Same question(s) here mark! tho i love those white troopers!

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    ^awesome! there u go people. he paints them white. nice work! shadow trooper army is f@cking nasty

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    I dont think they are painted white! The really look molded white! The black parts on the white ones all have the same spray masks and the little irregularties are the same on all! So I really think too these are customs, white molded customs, but heck...these look fantastic! Are these movable??

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    Obviously, they're all's markpoon, the maker of custom Vlix and rocket Fett (and who knows what else)...

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