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Thread: New paint for a Force Unleashed Battle Rancor

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    New paint for a Force Unleashed Battle Rancor

    Here is my custom paint job for a spare Force Unleashed Battle Rancor. I used various shades of brown and gave him a wash with charcoal color. Enjoy

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    Looks excellent. I've been thinking about painting my ROTJ Rancor a lighter brown, like what you ended up with. However, it would probably be harder to lighten up his complexion than to go your route and repaint the tan TFU Rancor.

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    looks great
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    That is some fantastic paint work. Very realistic.
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    It looks as detailed and polished as its video game counterpart (in Playstation 3 quality). Will you be painting any glowing bluish-white streaks on him?

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    That is absolutely perfect. You nailed the coloring. Nicely done!
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    Thanks for the comments. Working on a version 2 now.

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    Great job. 'Bout time we got a generic rancor!
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