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Thread: beagan feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarvenDreis View Post
    Great seller, couldn't have asked for better!

    Thanks for the other case extras you're selling me once you get them.
    Just made 2 more deals with him.

    Great seller!

    Rest in Peace Drewe Henley.
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    Beagan actually found me in a thread for a figure I am terribly interested in. Everything went well and was extremely patient with me. Even when there was a mistake on my part. (I'm sorry for that) But all in all I hope to deal with him again.

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    By extention, couldnt posting ANYTHING on an Internet forum be seen as "craving" attention?
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    I really wouldn't want to be the girlfriend/wife of some of the members of this board ...

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    Picked up some items for me, thanks!

    All at cost.

    Rest in Peace Drewe Henley.
    Does the Cantina interest you?

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    Great guy to deal with, sold me two TVC 3-packs at a bargain price, with no gain to himself. All arrived very quickly, in perfect condition. Highly recommended, thanks again!

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    Thank you fast payment. Thanks again and enjoy

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    Good seller I would work with again
    Im not gonna lie to you, Its gonna get weird.

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    Couldn't ask for better communication; I had a mixup on my end and beagan was REALLY patient and helpful while I straightened it out. Honest, A+++ trader, THANKS!!!

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    Great guy and good stuff, no worries here.
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    Just recently completed a transaction with beagan and everything went perfectly! Thank you!
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    THIS GUY ROCKS! Worthy of your trust, fellow scummers

    thanks Beagan!

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