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Thread: Destroyer Droid - MH12

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    Nobody post. If we ignore this tired 2002 mold, maybe it'll finally go away.

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    Well if everyone passes, it'll send the message to Hasbro that we don't want or need an outdated figure in out collection but sadly people will still pick one one up.

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    Sadly I must admit that I will purchase two for a complete shield bubble. Sad, isn't?

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    This isn't the one with the shield.

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    Never mind then.

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    Actually this Destroyer does come with a shield, the carded sample on display at NYCC had the shield behind the figure.

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    No, the one with the shield is in the Wal-Mart exclusive wave, it doesn't having the firing missles.
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    I threw away this mold to Good-Will years ago! Why do they torture us? Why!

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    any pics of this one yet?
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