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Thread: Destroyer Droid - MH12

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    Quote Originally Posted by lXl_Nick_lXl View Post
    any pics of this one yet?
    If your going to buy a Destoryer Droid you should wait for the Wal-mart Discover the Force version, more bang for your buck.

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    I'm pretty sure this figure will keep looking like this, this, this, or this. Hasn't changed since it showed up in 2002. The archives didn't even bother taking pics of the figure when it was re-re-re-re-re-released in the "Shadows of the Dark Side" packaging.
    Are you very mechanical? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me where this goes? See I wasn’t really online when they were programming us for logic repairs. Usually I can figure it out but these old R5′s are kinda built backwards, know what I mean? Heh! No, you don’t know what I mean…

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    How, AGAIN, did they manage to mess this up yet once more? Sure, it's lighter than the initial release, but just barely, slightly lighter. And whats up with just giving us half the damn bubble? That is sooooooo aggravating. I know it's somewhat large, but I'm sure Hasbro could figure out some sort of way to pack it in so it fits. And I refuse to listen to Hasbro complain about too much plastic for the cost of one figure. You expect me to drop 20 bucks to make 1 darn ray-shield? Come now Hasbro. Ephont Mon and Hermie Odle used up MUCH MORE plastic on the cost of a regular figure; this is just a hollow ball & a skinny droid for pete's sake.

    Come on Hasbro, make this thing near see through---like its (supposed to look like​) and throw 2 in each card and I, alone, will buy 4-5.
    "Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or ****in' beatings. The world ends when your dead. Until then,you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man-and give some back" -Al Swearengen

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    He comes with a base? He can't use it, but I'm glad he did. I'll use it for other figures.

    oh no, he has an ACTION FEATURE! I wondered why his arms were so LIMP. I'd rather NOT have that feature, and have poseable arms.
    if i keep his arms pulled in, it'll work.

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