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Thread: Shock Trooper - MH01

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    Carded and loose pics at 20111110

    It's the quick draw SHOCK TROOPER, but without the extra shoulder armor with the logo on it.

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    Found one today at a Canadian Wal-Mart. They had put out a single case of the Movie Heroes.

    inter arma silent leges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scockery View Post
    It's for the kids. Hmmm...wasn't CW for the kids. And Legends? And Galactic Heroes? And Jedi Force? But kids like gimmicks built inside the figure, according to Hasbro people. And Hasbro likes molds that are already paid for. Collectors can skip Movie Heroes and hope that it fails because it sucks or succeeds because "it pays for the production of good vintage stuff" (the extra buck for the retro cardback isn't enough to keep Hasbro's Star Wars in the green).

    Yes, but without attached 3D glasses.

    I've only just turned 20, so I was a kid for when TPM, AOTC and ROTS came out, and I can say that I never enjoyed 'action features' in my figures. In fact, I found them irritating since it usually meant a limb was a bit dodgy on them i.e. the arm on this guy is rather loose to accomodate easy quick draw moving. Even when the OT came out on VHS in the 90s, I still hated all the gimmicks in stuff like vehicles and what not.

    Even my siblings and cousins now who are at the 'clone wars' age don't use the action features. They want the character, not a gimmick they don't understand.
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    This was picked up for me. I don't mind it mostly, but the packaging has warped the legs and it's difficult to get the guy to stand. Glad to finally have a Shock Trooper in my collection but I'm surprised they went back to the ROTS #6 instead of the SA scuplt they've reused pretty much every single other time until now.

    Not to mention they could've always reused TVC clone, but I guess they still want that for TVC reissues.

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    You guessed right, the Shocktrooper is being released in the VC45 mold on a Vintage card later this year.

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    It doesn't have quick-draw action.

    It's a repaint of 'ol #41.
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